Masterfully cultivated. Radically premium.

22Red perfectly blends lifestyle and quality.

22Red Premium Pre-packaged 1/8th jars

22Red’s specialty flower has been cultivated with precision and the strictest standards to yield radically premium, indoor-grown cannabis results. With a wide range to delight every smoker, 22Red’s genetics library is a masterful collection of rare and perfectly preserved heritage strains.

22Red 1g Individual Pre-rolls

Made of 100% premium indoor-grown cannabis flower, 22Red Pre-rolls are a cut above the rest! Our pre-rolls are filled with the same luscious flower used in our eighths, making the smoking experience delicious, potent, and convenient to carry with you.

22Red 1g Live Resin Concentrates

22Red’s sumptuous live resin concentrates are derived from the same flower strains sold in our eighths. These rich golden oils are extracted using the purest standards to produce full-spectrum concentrates that erupt with flavor, potency, and effect.

22Red Personals 3.5g Pre-roll Packs

Coming soon to Arizona!

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